MACFe Enterprises Inc. is a federally incorporated, wholly owned Canadian research & product development company. We have over 58 years experience in law enforcement including product R&D, front line and specialty policing, related tactical training, course development and delivery.

The company was created to address critical operational gaps with respect to police firearms and tactics. Our mission goal is to make policing safer. Our commitment to this mission was cemented on March 3, 2005; when four of our colleagues were shot to death in the line of duty. Every fallen officer since has served to strengthen our resolve toward our mission. The Taelin Tactical System® offers new opportunities to both recreational and competitive shooters with physical limitations in addition to our support for police, security and military personnel.

We are a group of skilled, professional, like-minded individuals with a track record of success in R&D, specialized law enforcement course design and delivery on an international level. We set our minds to the development of the Taelin Tactical System® after examining data from inquiries where police officers were killed in the line of duty. Our team designs tools that enhance officer safety to better protect our communities.