1) Do I have to modify my pistol to use the Taelin Tactical System®?

No, the Taelin Tactical System® is a completely stand-alone product that requires no modifications to either the pistol or the holster.

2) Do we have to change weapons or any of our current equipment (police or competition)?

No, the Taelin Tactical System® works with most semi-automatic pistols. It can be ordered with a magazine base to suit your existing service or competitive pistol. We have a selection of bases available to fit most pistols. Custom bases are available upon request. If you change pistols only a new magazine base is required, there is no need to buy additional systems or devices.

3) There is little space on my duty belt with current police gear. How can I fit it onto my belt?

The components of the Taelin Tactical System® are in line with the dimensions of conventional supplementary police tools. Components are remarkably light weight, weather resistant, and durable. Components weigh between ~ 86 to 201 grams (~3 to 7 oz), depending on the model ordered. In addition, the Taelin Tactical System® actually takes up less linear space on belt than most conventional police belt mounted gear.

4) Can the Taelin Tactical System® be mounted on the MOLLE vest or other MOLLE equipment?

Yes, the Taelin Tactical System® can be placed on MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) / loop systems on modern body armour carriers (soft or hard) or even on gear bags as well as mounted on police shields or in vehicles, vessels or aircraft.

5) Can the Taelin Tactical System® be used with ballistic or riot shields?

Yes. With conventional tools and tactics, an officer with a shield will encounter complications when a pistol reload or stoppage correction is required. However, one can easily and quickly reload or manipulate the pistol (i.e. deal with many common malfunctions) if using the Taelin Tactical System®. The system can be mounted directly on the shield itself, belt or MOLLE equipped body armor.

6) Does the Taelin Tactical System® require extensive training to achieve success?

No, the TTS Taelin® System is extremely intuitive. It only requires about 30 minutes of static "dry" practice for the user to develop pistol manipulation times comparable to two handed techniques. In many cases users have found themselves faster with the TTS Taelin® System. When considering operational usage, practice in the specific operational setting is necessary for any tool. As operational environments vary (police patrol, static guard, K9, marine, etc.) training considerations will also vary. TTS Taelin® Tactical Solutions offers a variety of training solutions and consultations for a multitude of operational and competitive or recreational range settings.

7) Is the Taelin Tactical System® restricted just to police officers?

No. The Taelin Tactical System® is certainly suitable for all branches of law enforcement such as border protection, correctional services, VIP security firms, Government Agencies and many duties in the military. The Taelin Tactical System® is also practical for both competitive and recreational shooters, including those with ability limitations. Disabled persons, including our Vets, now have an option that allows static or dynamic one-handed usage of a semi-automatic pistol.