Why would you load your pistol the way your Great-Grandfather did?

In over 100 years, despite advancements in firearms, two-handed manipulation has been the primary requirement for tactical and recreational/competitive semi-automatic pistol usage. Until Now.

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The Taelin Tactical System® is the world’s first innovative change in pistol loading and manipulation. The Taelin Tactical System® is a cohesive device that allows the user to load, unload, reload as well as clear both live trigger and dead trigger malfunctions - with just one hand - while either static or in dynamic motion.

The Taelin Tactical System® has a wide range of applications inside law enforcement, security, the military as well as in civilian competitive or recreational shooting.

Within the law enforcement community the TTS Taelin® products can be deployed General Duty / Uniform Patrol, K9 (Dog) Handlers, Public Order Tactical / Riot Teams, Emergency Response / SWAT Teams, Marine Patrol, various Specialized and Technical Divisions.

Within the broader law enforcement community: Border & Homeland Protective Services, Correctional & Prisoner Escort Services and various Government Agencies. Private Security companies that provide site or VIP security will also find a variety of applications including uniform, vehicle driver / responder and plainclothes duties for the Taelin Tactical System®.

The Taelin Tactical System® also re-opens the world of recreational shooting to disabled veterans and civilians alike by making one handed pistol manipulation a reality today.

Canadian Patent 2,841,762

US Patent 9,618,298

US Patent 9,404,696

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